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Slough It, Away Powdered Face Mask

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This powdered mask will give your complexion a luminous, beautiful glow. Formulated with co-factor ingredients, it gets rid of the dullness, decongests and purifies pores, and fades discolouration.And because it's formulated with bentonite clay, papaya enzymes and AHA, it works well to reduce breakouts too.

Key ingredients:-

Activated Charcoal: Detox pores and leave it visibly refined and free of blemishes.

Enzymes + Fruit Acids: Help to slough off dead skin cells, fades hyperpigmentation and prevents brown spots while revealing a radiant and even skin tone.

Vitamin C: Helps to boost collagen and help the skin to stay youthful.


Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, *Papain Powder (Papaya Enzymes), *Mentha Piperita (Peppermint leaf), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Activated Charcoal, Tartaric Acid (Aha Fruit Acid), Malic Acid (Fruit Acid) 

**All ingredients charged using high vibrational crystals (Rose Quartz, Moonstones, Clear Quartz, Aquamarine and Amethyst)


Pour a small amount of powder into palms a small bowl.

Slowly add water or other mixing agent of your choice to powder.

Mix together until you achieve a toothpaste-like consistency. 

Spread the mix evenly over the face, avoiding the eye area.

Leave on for about 20 minutes or until dry.

Rinse off and follow with the rest of your usual skincare routine.

4 oz / 60g

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